Dezember 29

Probably the most lucrative investments in 2017

First of all: With traditional conservative investments, such as savings books or extremely low-yielding cash and term deposit accounts was in 2017 once again hard to make return – the current low interest rates goodness. With so many bank investors even had to accept negative interest in buying. There was no interest in deposits, but the bank has deducted a small contribution from the savings on the contrary. one still refers inflation in the calculation, then the result at the traditional conservative systems looks even more frustrating.

The markets are anxious to see how to develop the returns.
Revolution for glasses
Revolution for glasses
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Passive Income 2017
Passive Income 2017
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Stock market enjoyed investors

Both the German stock index DAX and the leading US index Dow Jones Industrialwho in 2017 enchanted investors. Until the pre-Christmas date of calculation, the 21/12/2017, the DAX gained 14.2 percent and the Dow Jones by 25.4 percent. Thus the profits dont invest in the Bitcoin Code of both indexes were above the long-term average. However, the figures two things to consider for investors from the euro area: first, the Dow Jones is a pure price index, ie, the dividends were not included in the calculation of the index. Otherwise, the return on the Dow Jones would have been even higher. Second, investors in the euro area must of course incorporate changes in exchange rates in the calculation. As the US dollar has depreciated sharply against the euro in 2017, the profits for the foreign currency effects adjusted Dow Jones are significantly lower.

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Individual shares – the hits and misses in 2017. DAX and Dow

The clear winner in the individual stocks in the DAX was the airline Lufthansa with roughly 160 percent price gain, the Dow Jones, however, the aircraft manufacturer Boeing with around 95 percent. As with the indices should however be noted even at Boeing that an investor in the euro area would have made a little less profit due to the dollar depreciation. With ProSiebenSat.1 and General Electric (GE) investors would, however, retracted significant losses. The losses at GE would have been even higher because of the fall in the dollar for investors from the euro area.

Flyer Bitcoin

Probably the most lucrative investments in 2017 were to more providers here be found before the calculation date for the crypto currencies. The most famous and largest by market capitalization representatives Bitcoinhad increased twenty-fold counted in US dollars in about the year, but has returned crash like the Friday before Christmas. the Bitcoin since the end of 2016 nevertheless remains a strong price increase – this both in dollars and in euros. But other cyber currencies made a talking point in 2017 and was up strongly, to gain in value. Meanwhile, there is a long list of Krypowährungen to choose from. No one knows if and when ebbing interest in the digital currencies and what exactly will happen in such a case with the courses in detail. However, seems certain: The topic of crypto currencies will probably be able to make a splash in the coming year 2018th

raw materials

Among commodities in 2017 in particular, cobalt, timber, lithium and palladium to the date of calculation took off strongly. With natural gas, orange juice and palm oil, however, it went bad. The investment in commodities is especially true for private investors generally considered difficult place. Just storable commodities tend tend to form long bear markets and a sudden fall in the price spike upwards like to fast, when demand rises sharply or the offer. In addition to in commodity investments – depending on whether contango or backwardation exists – roll losses or roll benefits occur. Also exchange rate influences must be considered as raw materials in US dollars are traded for investors from the euro area.